Presets for VSTi instruments

Here you can find presets for virtual instruments (VSTi) i've programmed and i'm happy to share.
The file are in fxp/fxb format or native format of the synth.

- Synth1
3 full banks for Ichiro Toda Synth1 VSTi
384 patches for the beloved Synth1
Bank1 have been programmed with Synth1 v1.06
Bank2 & bank3 were done with Synth1 v1.07
Most of these presets are best suited at techno/dance style.
I tried to be varied, you can find Lead/Pad/Bass/Keys/FX/Drums

Official site :
  Download Synth1 Bank1
Download Synth1 Bank2
Download Synth1 Bank3

- Augur
1 full bank for Antti Augur VSTi
128 patches for this great recreation of a ProphetVS

I programmed these sounds with a certain "80's sound" in mind
I used prefix for categorization : PAD LED DRM FX SYN BAS

Official site :
  Download Augur Bank1

- OxeFM

A 127 presets bank for OxeFM VSTi
These are "classic FM" sounds for this 6op FM synth
The bank is in native OxeFM bank .bin format,
see the readme.txt for the installation

Official site :

  Download OxeFM Bank1

- Voyager

2 full banks for Arguru Voyager VSTi
256 patches for this 4osc VA
I programmed mostly techno/dance presets,.
You can find lead/stab/pad/bass/FX etc.

Official site : Voyager topic at KvR


Download Voyager Bank1
Download Voyager Bank2

- Oatmeal

1 full bank for Fuzzpilz Oatmeal VSTi
64 patches for this beautiful synth
i have prefixed the presets for better classification:
I used Oatmeal v37.3, presets may sound different in older versions.

Official site :


Download Oatmeal Bank1
Download 24 more presets
Download 24 other presets !

- IloSynth-1

1 full patch bank for IloSynth-1
64 techno/dance presets

Official site :


Download IloSynth-1 Bank1

- UnoFM

A 32 presets bank for UnoFM VSTi
UnoFM is a simple but effective and good sounding FM synth
These are 32 presets created for the "Patcharena patch contest"

Official site :


Download UnoFM Bank1

- ymVST

24 presets for ymVST
The patches come as .fxp files.

Official site :


Download ymVST Bank1

- Lallapallooza Lite

32 presets for Buzzroom LallapalloozaLite VSTi
These are 32 presets created for the "Patcharena patch contest"
I have to find the time to improve them and maybe add more sounds.

Official site :


Download llpl2 Bank1

- HG Fortune VSTi

I also did presets for the amazing HG Fortune synthetizers:

- ProtoplasmTSM Pro
- STS Space Transition Synthetizer
- Laserblade Synthetizer

Official site :